Build up Infrastructure and test facilities to enable R&D in Machine drives, PQ equipments, Energy conversion systems, Electric Vehicles etc. Extend the facilities to PG and Ph.D students to enable advanced research. Extend the facilities to industries for their R&D work. Hands-on training to industries. Demonstrations / Display of R&D models developed through NaMPET funded projects.

Available Resources
Low Power lab
Low Power Lab • Sophisticated test instruments
• Simulation packages
• CAD packages
• Development platforms
• High speed workstations
• Demonstration models
• Hi-tech soldering stations
• Precision coil winding machines
• Component data center
• Visitors lounge
• Conference Hall
• DSP Workstations
Simulation Packages
Simulation Packages MATLAB (Control Systems Analysis)
• SimPower Systems Toolbox
• MATLAB Compiler & Realtime
• SIMULINK Accelerator

PSIM (Power Electronics Analysis)
• Basic & Motor Drive Module
• Digital Control & Sim-Coupler Module
AMESim (Multi-domain System Analysis)
ModelSim (Digital Logic Analysis)
Development Systems
Development Systems DSP
• Code Composer Studio
• XDS 510PP Plus
• JTAG Emulator
• TDS 510 USB JTAG Emulator

• Quartus II
• Byteblaster II Download Cable
• MPLAB C18 Compiler
• MPLAB PM3 Programmer
• ICE 2000 & 4000
   In-Circuit Emulator
CAD Packages
CAD Packages Solid Works (Design & Drafting Package)
• 3D representation of a single
  design component
• 3D arrangement of parts and assemblies
• 2D Engineering drawing of parts
  and assemblies
• Structural Analysis
ORCAD (PCB Design Package)
• Schematics
• Layout
Workstation DELL Precision 670
• RAID with PERC320 Controller card
• 64 MB PCIe x 16 NVIDIA
Winding Machines
Winding Machines Programmable Toroidal Winding Machines
• Model : TCW-100B
• Make : TRISHUL
• Wire Gauge – 35 SWG to 25 SWG
Programmable Coil Winding Machines
• Model : Sharp Winder T-108
• Make : TRISHUL
(With SMPS Winding Attachment)
Major Test Instruments
High End Oscilloscopes
High End Oscilloscope 500 MHz, 5 GS/s, Non-isolated
• Channel : 2
• Type : WR 6051A
• Make : LeCroy

Analysis Packages:
• Power Measurement & Analysis
• Jitter & Timing Analysis
350 MHz, 5 GS/s, Non-isolated
• Channel : 2
• Type : TDS 5034B
• Make : Tektronix

Analysis Packages:
• Power Measurement & Analysis
High End Oscilloscopes
High End Oscilloscope 200 MHz, 100 MS/s, Non-isolated
• Channel : 4
• Type : TDS 420A
• Make : Tektronix

100 MHz, 500 MS/s, Isolated
• Channel : 2
• Type : THS 720P
• Make : Tektronix
• Harmonics Analysis
Power Analyzer
Power Analyser Type : WT3000
Make : Yokogawa
Bandwidth : DC, 0.1 to 1 MHz
• Frequency Measurement
• Delta Calculation, LabView Driver
• Harmonic Measurement
• 20ch D/A Output, WT Viewer Software
Thermal Data Monitoring System
Thermal Data Monitoring System TCM – 24
• Type : TCM-24
• Make : Degree Controls
• Sensor : Thermocouple
• Channels : 24
• Range : -150oC to +200oC with accuracy of
Automatic LCR Meter
Automatic LCR Meter Type : PM6306/561
Make : Fluke
Electrical Loads
Electrical Loads Non-Linear load
• 30 KVA for Non-Linear load testing for UPS
Linear Load
• Linear Load 100 KW
DC Electronic Load
Electrical Loads • Model No:330x, 6063B
• Make: Agilent
• Rating: 150 - 1800W, 240V, 360A
• Modes of Operation: CC, CV, CR, CP Modes
DC Electronic Load
DC Electronic Load • Model No:63204
• Make: Chroma
• Rating: 5.5 kW, 500V, 100A
• Modes of Operation: CC, CV, CR, CP Modes
• Remote Controller: A632001
AC/DC Programmable Source with Analyzer
AC/DC Programmable Source with Analyzer
• Model: MX-30Pi-LF
• Make: CaliforniaInstruments
• Rating: 30 kVA
AC Output: Single/3-Phase-User Selectable
• HV Range: 0-300V (L-N),33.3ARMS /Ph
• LV Range: 0-150V (L-N),66.6A RMS / Ph
• Frequency: 16 to 500 Hz
DC Output:
• HV Range: 0-400V ,16.6A/Channel
• LV Range: 0-200V ,33.3A/Channel
High Power Lab
High Power Lab • 400 Sq.m. area for testing and development
  of power electronics equipments UPS,
   HEV, AC Drives and DC Drives.
• Loading capability of 500 KVA and dynamic
   loading facility upto 800 KVA.
  Different test bays of 50 KVA, 100 KVA,
  250 KVA, 500 KVA rating are available.
Facilities & Equipments
Facilities & Equipments Test bed and test setups for drives:
• 50 HP Induction Machines coupled to
  separately excited DC Motor.
• 22.5 KW slip recovery machine two nos.
• 10 KW test bed of Induction Motor, Induction
  Generator, DC Machine and SR Motor.
• 10 KW eddy current loading mechanism.
  Incremental and Absolute Encoders for
  speed& position measurements.
PE Development Systems
PE Development Systems • 10 KVA with 50 KVA short term rated 2-level
  inverter for testing control of power qualit
• 10 KVA with 50 KVA short term rated 3-level
  inverter for high power STATCOM
  controller development.

• Grid connected regenerative loading
  system upto 250 KVA.
Special Facilities
Special Facilities • 400V 100 AH battery bank for UPS testing
  and developments.

• 100KVA 3-Ph Variac for varying the input
• 100 KVA Isolation Transformer
IIT, Bombay

Facilities built for design, testing, fabrication and prototyping of machines to undertake projects in Machines and Drives. The activity strengthened the Infrastructure and expertise in the area of Power Electronics Drives and Permanent Magnet Machines.

Available Resources
  • State of art laboratory in power electronics and electronics machines
  • Test facilities in the area of permanent magnet machines
  • Software laboratory to carry out design & performance prediction of permanent magnet machines
  • Facilities for design, testing, fabrication and prototyping of machines.
  • Undertake projects in machines and drives
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IIT, Kanpur

Undertake R&D and manpower training in the area of Power Systems Applications in Power Electronics. Provide hardware platform for the researchers to test new ideas. Impart hands-on training to students and practicing engineers.

Available Resources
  • Research, development and manpower training in the area of Power Electronics applications to Power systems.
  • Utilized by regular and sponsored students of M.Tech and PhD degrees, for readily testing their new ideas.
  • Facility for hands-on training to students and practicing engineers.
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IIT, Kharagpur

Infrastructure facilities built for Research & development, simulation and prototyping in the area of power converters for drives and STATCOM applications. Capable of taking up industry projects. Infrastructure for the simulation and testing of High Power Drives and PQ solutions. Cater to the needs of industries based at Kharagpur, Jamshedpur, Rourkela, Kolkata, Ranchi etc.

Available Resources
  • Power converters for drives and STATCOM application
  • Coupled wound rotor machines for drives applications
  • Harmonic and reactive power compensators
  • Rugged AC and DC bus along with test beds for testing various power electronic equipments
  • Power electronic simulation software packages, computing platforms, DSP based hardware platform, sophisticated testing instruments, etc
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Anna University

Build up a test platform to enable research work of all types of electrical drives

Available Resources

A test platform is developed in the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering under NaMPET project for all types of electrical drives. The test setup provides a readymade platform for the researchers to test and validate their research findings on the drive performance characterization, analysis and control. This facility is utilized by the students at all levels (PhD, PG and UG) and Staff members working at research level to get insight into the theory of operation and control of electrical drives. This facility also can cater to the needs of electrical industries in India


To provide infrastructure for enabling product oriented Machine drives research in the short term and power quality related issues in the long term.

Available Resources

The Department of Electrical Engineering, BESU, Shibpur has a strong heritage in the area of power electronics in general and in machine drives in particular. This consists of expertise in machine and electromagnetic design & fabrication guided by in-depth understanding of the entire Power Electronics and control dynamics associated with it.

IISc, Bangalore

Available Resources
Infrastructure is built for self-learning environment for the PG students at entry level. It can support 5 students at a time. Five Workbench each Comprising of Power Supply, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Soldering Station and Constructional Project Kits. Also Self-learning kits with all design and constructional details for the students.
IIT, Delhi

Available Resources
Electrical Machine Design Centre (EMDC) A National expertise base in Electrical Machine design to cater to the needs of Power Electronics, Drives and Energy systems.
  • “FLUX 2D/3D” Finite element software
  • “SPEED” analytical software
  • “MagNet” a powerful FEM tool
  • “MotorSolve” accurate design and analysis software for motors
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BIT, Ranchi

Available Resources
Under NaMPET funding well equipped power electronics lab is built at Electrical Engineering dept. for the benefit of UG and PG and research students for project and industry related research & developments work in Power electronics
  • DC drive demonstration modules
  • FPGA Based AC & DC Drives with Load
  • Three phase and single phase VSI fed PWM inverter
  • Teaching Aid Kits
  • JTAG Emulator and Debugger for DSP
  • D-SPACE 1104
  • Sophisticated testing instruments
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NIT, Trichy

Available Resources
Power Electronics lab Infrastructure developed under NaMPET facilitate research in cutting edge technologies in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, in the area of Power Electronics/Machine drives/ Controllers for Renewable energy applications and FACTS.
  • DC drive demonstration modules
  • Special machines: Brushless DC drive, Stepper motor & Switched reluctance machine
  • Three phase and single phase VSI fed PWM inverter
  • DSP & FPGA based hardware platforms for power electronics application
  • Sophisticated testing instruments
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NIT, Rourkela

Available Resources
A laboratory in the advance field of Power electronics and variable frequency drives has been built under NaMPET at NIT Rourkala which facilitate the following.
  • To introduce the students to state of the art simulation tools which are employed extensively by industry
  • To provide students with an opportunity to gain design experience through projects
  • To equip
  • To organize PE training programme for local industries

  • Test Bench I: 3 phase (Diode Rectifier + Inverter + Brake Chopper) Stack
  • Test Bench II: Switched Reluctance Motor Drive System
  • Test Bench III: Multilevel three phase Induction Motor Drives System
  • Test Bench IV: IPM PMSM Machine drives system
  • Test Bench V: Construction Project (Teaching Aids/Trainer kits)
  • Test Bench VI: Zero Voltage switching resonant DC-DC converter
  • Test Bench VII: Zero Current switching resonant DC-DC converter
  • Power Electronics and Drives Simulation Lab
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RIT, Kottayam

Available Resources
Advanced Power Electronics & Drives Lab under NaMPET has been built in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering. The aim of the project is to provide platforms for the motivated faculty and PG students of the Department of Electrical Engineering RIT, Kottayam, where they can come up with creative ideas, develop, implement/test their results.
The lab mainly consists of five test benches and a software desk.
  • Test Bench I: Linear Induction Motor Drive Controller Unit
  • Test Bench II: DSP Based Slip Ring Induction Motor / DC Motor Drive Unit
  • Test Bench III: DSP Based BLDC Motor Drive Unit
  • Test Bench IV: FPGA Based SRM Drive Unit
  • Test Bench V: FPGA Based Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Drive Unit
  • Software Desk
  • Sophisticated Testing Instruments
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