Green Power Lab & Technology Transfer Centre

A Green Power Lab has been setup at CDAC, Technopark building, Trivandrum and a Technology Transfer Centre ( TTC ) has been setup at CDAC, Main Campus, Trivandrum, as part Infrastructure Development project under NaMPET, Phase 2.



The following test / demonstration set up required for the development in the Renewable energy area & Smart grid components and Real time Simulation are installed at the Green Power Lab.


• 25 KW Solar Power Plant
• 5 KW Wind Power Plant
• Simulation Lab
• Test set up for conducing EMI / EMC pre-compliance tests
• Environmental Test Chamber (Thermal & Humidity)

Green Power Lab


The following facilities are installed in the Technology Transfer Centre ( TTC ). The testing of the Proto types and training for the Technology Transferred to Industries from the Power Electronics Group of CDAC, Trivandrum will be carried out in TTC.

Simulation Packages

• 250 kVA Test bay for testing the Proto models with maximum rating of 250 kVA
• 100 kW Test bay for testing of DC units of maximum rating 100 kW.
• 50 kVA Test bay for testing the Proto models with maximum rating of 50 kVA.
• 250 kVA Auto Transformer with maximum output current of 300A.
• 50 kVA Auto Transformer with maximum output current of 100A.
Both 250 kVA & 50kVA transformers have following features
   ~ Smooth, continuous and break-less output voltage variation
   ~ Remote operation possible
• 100 kW DC Power source 
   ~ DC output voltage varies from 0 to 1000V
   ~ Output voltage ripple less than 5%
   ~ Designed for continuous operation with rated current
   ~ Consists of 3-phase isolation transformer, Rectifier diode modules and filter chokes. 
• Testing of battery operated Power Electronic Modules, in charging and discharging mode.
• 50 kVA Non-linear Load for testing Single phase and Three phase prototypes.
• 3 x 20 kW Linear Load for testing of Single phase and Three phase prototypes.
Both linear and nonlinear loads have following features
   ~ Tripping of main contactor during fault and activation of alarm
   ~ Step load change with labeled illuminated push buttons
   ~ Emergency stop and Fan failure shutdown
   ~ Hand held wired operating panel for remote operation
   ~ Digital Metering
• 2 x 4.5 kW AC/DC Programmable Load suitable for the testing of prototypes with Sine, Square and Step Wave output.

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