When Michael Faraday built the first machine to convert mechanical power to electrical power it was considered to be a crazy idea. When he demonstrated it to the British House of Commons, one of the ministers is reputed to have made the observation:

"Very curious, Mr. Faraday; but what good is it to anybody"!!!
They could not think of an application for electricity at the time !

This is the problem with most new ideas. If YOU have a "crazy" idea in the field of power electronics about which you are passionate, here is your chance ! You may post it at this portal, and if the idea is selected by experts in the field as a seed or core for further development, NaMPET will suitably reward you.

Crazy Topics

Distribution of Electricity by DC and AC both

As electricity has been generated as AC and used as AC. but using solar energy (more potential in Indian geographic), there is a conversion of DC to AC through inverter and one has to use filter circuit. instead of that if we can manufacture electric

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Renewable Energy

We can use windmill like small models in the wheels of car. So as the speed of the car increases the rotation of small turbine also increase.

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display level of petrol in tank

level should be displayed i.e. transparent to find how much petrol is filled each time in tank.

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Wifi Wireless mobile phone charging by micro waves

In here microwaves are used to transmit power wireless. Circular polarization antenna used to transmit microwave circularly.. we wan use it like a wifi hotspot. i already achieved 19 volts in linear polarization..

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As we know about fossil fuel based generation of electricity, bulk amount of electrical energy has been generated in the form of AC and utilisation in the form of AC & DC both. instead of this conventional trend, why we dont think of generation and

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