When Michael Faraday built the first machine to convert mechanical power to electrical power it was considered to be a crazy idea. When he demonstrated it to the British House of Commons, one of the ministers is reputed to have made the observation:

"Very curious, Mr. Faraday; but what good is it to anybody"!!!
They could not think of an application for electricity at the time !

This is the problem with most new ideas. If YOU have a "crazy" idea in the field of power electronics about which you are passionate, here is your chance ! You may post it at this portal, and if the idea is selected by experts in the field as a seed or core for further development, NaMPET will suitably reward you.

Crazy Topics

megann air rotor sysytem(MARS)

The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) is the next generation of wind turbines with cost and performance advantages over existing systems. MARS is a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine that rotates about a horizontal axis in response to wind, generat

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Wire less transmission

Why we need to have wires to transmit electricity through wires when we can transmit electricity through open air for wireless transmission

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Design of photo voltaic based regulated power supply for small DC applications

In daily human life, most of the appliances works based on small DC voltage such as mobile phone charger, charging torch light, charging table fan, mosquito bat and so on. All these appliances works by using different levels of small DC voltage depen

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power generation

power generation using magnetic repulsion force

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DC Source

Instead of AC power supply, make all available supply in house as DC. All equipments works on DC. It is harmonics free and there is no power factor problem ever. It's the same idea as given by Mr.Edison, lets start it from home. A common rectifier f

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