When Michael Faraday built the first machine to convert mechanical power to electrical power it was considered to be a crazy idea. When he demonstrated it to the British House of Commons, one of the ministers is reputed to have made the observation:

"Very curious, Mr. Faraday; but what good is it to anybody"!!!
They could not think of an application for electricity at the time !

This is the problem with most new ideas. If YOU have a "crazy" idea in the field of power electronics about which you are passionate, here is your chance ! You may post it at this portal, and if the idea is selected by experts in the field as a seed or core for further development, NaMPET will suitably reward you.

Crazy Topics

Auto-switching Grid circuit.

To create a auto-switching circuit for electric utility and microgrids which will automatically sense the various changes occuring in the grid like faults , changeover from one input (solar to battery , or battery to diesel generator set) . This will

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How could a Sign language showed by deaf & dump persons into a voice signal?

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PIR sensor based burglar alarm

The PIR sensor based burglar alarm Integrates the sensor with a wireless RF ringer circuit.the transmitter side push button is replaced with connecting a PIR with an amplifier circuit. when ever PIR is receive signal, send signal to transmitter and

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Electronics and communication

How could it be if we embedded a circuit that charges our mobile phone with out any charger/power bank! Yes, it could be possible by simply converting the radio frequency to power with a low cost circuit. We can change the curve of mobile market. Ho

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Distribution of Electricity by DC and AC both

As electricity has been generated as AC and used as AC. but using solar energy (more potential in Indian geographic), there is a conversion of DC to AC through inverter and one has to use filter circuit. instead of that if we can manufacture electric

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